Uplift Artucation Workshop features the YALL ART PROJECT

We are honored to be working along side Guazabara Insights & Sirelo Entertainment on a 5 week workshop called “Uplift Artucation Healing Art Sessions” woking with 10 young men from Jersey City looking to build community outside of juvenile detention. We’ve been exploring self expression and identity through photography and soon we will create a collaborative mural with the photographs they bring to life. We are three weeks in and Danny has been teaching basic tools that help bring one’s self expression through the lens go to the next level. Whether it be through compositional elements like the rule of thirds, point of view, the use of leading lines, etc. or just through encouraging outside the box thinking in terms of self expression and finding your voice in unexpected places. Stay tuned to view photographs these young artists have taken so far and to see the wheatpaste mural that unfolds from their imagery.