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We give each student a camera and guide them through a series of assignments that encourage them to find their authentic voices and individual self expression as they create images.  By looking through a lens and completing a task they are free to express themselves with increasing confidence, thereby beginning to overcome the shame and cultural biases that accompany the trauma of abuse. These are some of their amazing photographs:

Once the students have produced images they feel reflect their individual voices, the group gathers to share their  work with each other, so they discover and discuss new ideas and perspectives in an environment where everyone’s views are honored and are treated with respect.  They then celebrate and incorporate both their differences and similarities as they collaborate to design and paint a permanent mural inspired by their individual images.  Take a look at our students' murals inspired by their photographs!!!!  

Please check out our project in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia where we worked with young girls affected by sex trafficking to lift their hearts and instill confidence through the power of creating art: 

This is our project in Mae Sai, Thailand, where we worked with young students at risk of human trafficking, using the power of creating art to foster self worth and growth.


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