What people think about the Y'all Art Project



"The girls learned about composition and photographic technique, they learned how to see the artistic possibilities beyond a simple photograph. The training has given them confidence and has empowered them to be creative."

Tim Hughes, Country Director


"I would recommend Yall Art Project to other organizations and schools. It made the children proud, provided them with new skills, and it was a wonderful recreational activity for children at-risk who would never have the chance to do an art project so large without the organizational and material support from The Yall Art Project."

Pi Nom, Principle of the DEPDC



Danny and Catherine were so compassionate towards the girls in our program. They taught with great enthusiasm and had an extraordinary amount of patience to work with the students. Having a mural which is in a significant part of the home means that the students will have a lasting memory of their time and can take pride in what they were able to accomplish in such a short time.

Tim Hughes, Country Director