From East to West

Traveling from east to west, preparing for our launch to Thailand, we were reminded of the vastness of landscapes, perspectives, and ways of life in this great and expansive country. We traveled down the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Carolinas, through the south down to  New Orleans where we filled our souls with music and dancing.

Then on to Austin, TX to see old friends and back up North through Santa Fe, New Mexico where we immersed ourselves in art and desert skies.

The Grand Canyon was our next stop where we camped for the night and sat in awe on the edge of the epic canyon and watched the sun set over the Americas. Driving straight through the strange desert of Nevada to Northern California where we camped in the golden rolling hills to spent precious time with friends and family. Our final stops are Portland and Seattle before heading down the coast for Los Angeles where will leave for Thailand from on Dec 7th!

With every border we crossed, we learned more and more about each other. Traveling with someone will certainly highlight where you are aligned and where you differ. We each learned to expand our compassion for each other and intend on bringing this with open hearts into the collaborative projects before us. 


Thanks to the generosity of all who have donated, we were able to officially books our flights! 

We are halfway to our goal of 20,000 and with your help, we know we can do it.

We love you all!